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Planned Seminars

28.11.19 - 29.11.19

Machine Learning for Online Lending in R

The purpose of the seminar is to provide the basics of using non-linear Machine Learning methods for credit scoring models using the R package and the data specific to online lending as an example.

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Planned Conferences


XVI Annual Conference

Profitability and Risk Management Profit|Risk|2019

The XVI Annual Conference "Profitability and Risk Management Profit|Risk|2019" will be held on December 10, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The objective of the Conference is to discuss the strategic prospects for financial stability, to review best practices and to share experience in identifying risk appetite, managing assets and liabilities in the context of reduced interest rates, and implementing innovation and information technologies.

This conference has traditionally marks the year end by gathering together bankers and financiers to discuss strategic perspectives on Risks, Finance and Technology.

The full Agenda is HERE.

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Annual Conference

Compliance Risk Management Compliance|Risk|2019

The Annual Conference on Compliance Risk Management Compliance|Risk|2019 will be held on November 26, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The objective of the Conference is to share exchange experience on the identification, assessment and management of compliance risk in accordance with international best practice and regulatory requirements, including NBU Resolution N64, and the use of modern information technologies in these fields.

The full Agenda is HERE.

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