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Planned Conferences


VII Annual Banking Conference

Market and Liquidity Risks Management in Banks

The VII Annual Banking Conference "Market and Liquidity Risks Management in Banks" will be held on October 10, 2018 in the Hotel Rus, in Kiev, Ukraine.

The objective of the Conference is to review the Monetary Policy of the NBU and the impact of currency liberalization on it, as well as the exchange of best practice and experience in managing liquidity, interest and market risks in the framework of tasks set by banks in Resolution of the NBU No.64.

The Agenda in English is available HERE

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Planned Seminars


Modeling of Credit Risk in R

This seminar to provide:
* acquaintance with a set of classical techniques of modeling tthe probability of default (PD) and its dynamics in time,
* consolidation of the skills of developing a model for estimating PD and the formation of matrices of migration,
* the formation of programming skills in the R environment required for effective financial modeling.

The seminar is useful for the implementation of the tasks set forth in NBU Resolution No. 64.

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Compliance Function in Banks

The purpose of this seminar is to get the participants of the seminar practical advice:
a) how to implement the requirements of the NBU Board Resolution No 64 in order to successfully pass the future inspection;
b) how to create a truly effective Compliance function, which will provide value added to the bank.

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