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Planned Conferences


XIV Annual Banking Conference

Profitability and Risk Management in Banks

The XIV Annual Banking Conference "Profitability and Risk Management in Banks" will be held on December 7, 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine, at Hotel Rus.

The purpose of the conference is to present the strategies of regulators in the supervision of the financial sector and the innovations of banks in the area of ​​risk management and finance, review financial stability in Ukraine, share the experience in implementing IFRS 9 and use of modern technologies in these areas.

This conference has traditionally completed the year, gathering bankers to discuss strategic perspectives related to risks, finances and technologies.

The full program is available HERE.

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November 16 - GARP Chapter Meeting: Derivatives at the Ukrainian Exchange: How Does It Work and Why Can We Trust It?

On November 16, a regular meeting of the GARP Regional Chapter was held in Kiev.

Topic: Derivatives at the Ukrainian Exchange: How Does It Work and Why Can We Trust It?

Speaker: Oleg Tkachenko, Chairman of the Board, The Ukrainian Exchange

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On October 4, the VI Annual Banking Conference on Market Risk and Liquidity Risk Management in the Bank was held


On June 1, XII Annual Banking Conference on Retail Risk Management took place


XII Annual Banking Conference "Retail Risk Management" was held June 1, 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine, in the Conference Center at Rus Hotel.

The purpose of the Conference was to review the current trends, innovations and best practices in the development of retail lending, manage its risks, prevent fraud, effectively collect problem loans to individuals, and use modern information technology in these areas.

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November 24 - Meeting of GARP Regional Chapter in Ukraine: Blockchain: Myth or Reality?

November 24 in Kiev hosted a regular meeting of the GARP Regional Chapter  in Ukraine.

Yuri Vlasenko, Executive Director UkrSWIFT made a presentation Will the Blockchain Technology Transform Traditional Finance and Banking: Myth or Reality?

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